Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Livista Energy Europe took place in Luxembourg on 15th of December 2022.

This essential event acknowledged the significant progress and success of Livista Energy over the past twelve months and approved the Project Execution Strategy, 2023 Budget and 3 years Business Plan.

Livista energy has had an exciting year. Effectively, 2022 delivered major global challenges, yet Livista Energy achieved key milestones in the development of our business – a business that is essential for the transition towards an energy sustainable future.

As planned, the most important milestone, to date, was the completion of the pre-feasibility study for our European project. This thorough technical and market review demonstrated the viability of our first lithium chemical refining facility and that Europe lithium refining is competitive.

This year 2022 has seen several significant additions to the Livista energy family with the arrival of Jean-Marc Ichbia as our COO and Peter Bridgeland as our project director, who together have delivered more than US$60 billion of petrochemical projects globally.  They have been driving forward our technical progress and the completion of our Lab studies and Pre-Feasibility Study.

Supply agreements are under negotiation with numerous potential suppliers of  spodumene, Li-sulfate from recycling companies as well as Li-carbonate with several at an advanced stage of negotiation. Our flexible design enables us to incorporate the three feedstocks and produce both hydroxide and battery grade carbonate as required by our customers.

Our negotiations with off-takers demonstrates tensions in the European Lithium market exacerbating from 2026 and our other numerous discussions with battery recycling companies demonstrate the significant growth of the circular economy in the battery supply chain from 2026 onwards. This led Livista’s Board to approve a 2023 Budget, a 3 years Business Plan and the associated mobilization plan allowing Livista to develop a Project Execution Strategy of 2 plants.

The 1st plant will be located in North-West of Germany aiming at entering in production in 2026.  The 2nd plant, whose site has already been identified in UK will start engineering 9 months after the 1st plant to ensure implementation of lessons learnt and optimisation of investment.

The Board also approved the increase of production capacity of each Plant to 40 000tpa, with a planned start of production in 2026 and a capacity of expansion. This will allow Livista Energy to take advantage of the flexibility of the design of the plant to maximise our contribution to the circular economy while maximizing future operational results.

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