STRATEGIC LOCATION – In the heart of EUROPE’S GREEN Revolution

STRATEGIC LOCATION – In the heart of EUROPE’S GREEN Revolution

Livista Energy’s conversion facilities will be constructed in the heart of the EV Corridor alongside our direct consumers and a new wave of Lithium-ion battery supply chain developments.

Billions of Euro’s have already been invested in this region with a multitude of EV plants being supported by >400 GWh of announced Lithium-ion battery capacity. The new European supply chain will be the 2nd largest lithium market globally and will be based upon new contracts.


The planned capacity of 400000 tonnes per annum of high purity lithium chemicals will be fed by reliable, operating mines located in Tier 1 jurisdictions in addition to sources from emerging local battery recycling sources supporting the transition to a circular economy.
  1. 2021

    • Livista Creation

    • Process Package Completed

    • Lab scale spodumene testing completed

    • Site selection initiated

  2. 2022

    • Pre-Feasibility Study completed

    • Initial laboratory testing of spodumene and carbonate feedstocks completed

    • UK site feasibility study completed

    • FEED phase bid tender launched

  3. 2023

    • Process Package update with capacity increase completed

    • Plant 1 FEED contract award

    • Plant 1 FEED launch

    • Plant 2 Pre-FEED

    • Supply contracts to be concluded

    • Project finance to be concluded

    • Government subsidies to be launched

    • Land lease agreement to be signed

  4. 2024

    • Long lead equipment item purchase orders to be placed

    • Plant 1 Final Investment Decision

    • Plant 1 Execution Phase Launch

    • Plant 2 FEED Launch

    • Plant 2 Supply Agreements to be finalised

  5. 2026

    • Plant 1 Ready for Start-up

    • Plant 1 Operational

  6. 2027

    • Plant 1 full production ramp-up

    • Plant 2 Ready for Start-up

    • Plant 2 Operational


(click interactive map below)


(click interactive map below)

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